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Dating an awesome boyf
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I am sure most guys have quarreled with their girlfriends before. Sometimes, love birds quarreled over the simplest things. All these issues are due to the gender differences between you two. What this means is that even though male and female are human beings, their thinking differs from each other. However, there are some unwritten and unofficial rules which you can follow to minimizing the bickering between you and your spouse. Follow these simple rules and you will be on your first step to becoming an awesome boyfriend.


 Rule #1- Always Be Punctual For a
When you meet up with your friends, punctuality is never as issue, because you can be late and your friends will not get too angry about it. However, this does not apply for girls. When you go out with your girlfriend, or any girls, always be punctual. Being punctual is showing your date the respect they want and deserve. If a girl needs an hour to doll themselves up for you and still be on time, there really are no excuses for you to be late on a date. Starting a date on the wrong foot will only bring both of you misery throughout.


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 Rule #2- Take Pride In Your Looks
Girls spend a lot of time and effort to look good because they like you and want to look their best for you. They hope to impress you and expect the same in return. Taking pride in your looks is not about suiting up or having the latest hair style, it is about making sure you turn up clean and neat. If you do not take pride in your looks, it might give her the impression that you do not care for this date or her as you cannot even be bothered to spend a little time working on your looks for her. However if you are well groomed, not only will you impress her with your neat look, she will see the effort you put in.


 Rule #3- Honesty Is Not The Best Po
Being honest is an important aspect of all relationship. However, there are times where honesty might not lead to a good ending. Do not get me wrong, you should never do something behind your spouse's back and lie about it. However, when she asks you for your opinion and you know your honest answer will hurt her, it is a better idea to keep the truth from her or if you have to, be as tactful as possible. One simple rule I live by is the 95-5 rule. Be honest 95% of the time and when you round that up, it is still 100%!


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 Rule #4- Display of Affection
Most guys play it cool around their friends. However, a true boyfriend is not afraid to hold and kiss their girlfriend in the company of their friends. They do not mind how their friends see him because making her feel loved is more important than their own pride. I am not asking you to make out with your beau in the presence of your friends, but a simple kiss on the forehead, or calling out her pet name goes a long way to saying that you are proud of her as your counterpart, and you are not afraid to show it. Your girlfriend will surely appreciate the gesture and be extremely joyful for the faith you shown in her.


 Rule #5- Giving In To Her
Sometimes girls can be unreasonable, but this is only because they want you to show care and concern towards their ridiculous demands. Giving in to them will show that you really love them, and it will make them feel pampered. The Chinese have a saying “Good men do not quarrel with their girl". Guys should give in to their beau from time to time to make them feel like they are the center of your universe. When a girl feels loved, you can be sure the love they return to you will multiple.


 Rule #6- Listen
This is perhaps the hardest rule to follow on this list, because men are generally bad listeners. When a girl tells you about her day, she is not looking for advice. However, guys love to give advice. There is no way you can listen and advice at the same time, so it is best to just listen to what she has to say. So zip up your mouth and only response when she asks. Listening is the best ways you can show her that you care, so be sure to do so.

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At the end of the day, we all want our girlfriends to be happy. You can only be successful as boyfriends if you can constantly put a smile on your girlfriend’s face. Always remember, happy wife, happy life, angry wife, damn my life!

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